About Holley Jacobs

About Holley Jacobs

My Heart!

Picture of Holley and her son Jacob

I am a mother, first and foremost, to a handsome, compassionate, bright son named Jacob. I am an advocate, teacher, and cheerleader to him. I will be there whenever he needs advice, wisdom, comfort, and love. I love, cherish and adore the most amazing person in my life; my son, Jacob. Without him, I would be nothing. He changed my life tremendously and I will forever by grateful to him. He is my inspiration and my heart, mind, and soul. I would do absolutely anything for him and could not do what I do without his love, support, encouragement, sense of humor, compassion, and heart. He will never fully understand my devotion to him or how much he has done for me, but I know that he will always love me for me with all of my imperfections and flaws. He will always support me and take care of me as I do for him. It is a two-way street, and we have driven together this far and will continue down this road together. I will love and adore him forever.
My Soul Mate!
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The other most amazing person in my life is my boyfriend, Tony. He came into my life at the exact moment that both he and I needed. He has supported all of my endeavors, both school, and a new career. I couldn’t ask for anyone better to share my life, goals, and dreams with than him. He cares and loves me a lot but more importantly, he has been a father to my son and accepted him for who he is which is something so rare, I wouldn’t ever find that again. There are times that I think he doesn’t realize just how amazing he is but that just makes the feelings I have for him stronger. He literally crossed the United States with me, without hesitation. He left his home, family and friends to be with me and help my child. Tony will always have a place in my heart that no one will ever fill. I love you Tony Holland! FOREVER & ALWAYS!


Life Is…

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I believe “Life Is…” – a journey into an unknown that, although we may not be sure of where that road will take us, should not deter us from our travels. We should face all obstacles and relish in the moments of bliss that this life has to offer. There is nothing more important than learning, exploring, and sharing what knowledge we gain from the life we were given, including our children, family, friends, colleagues, and the world. My images reflect an emotion I feel as I create them. I hope they come across to others and allow emotions to flow for them as well.


Dear Holley

Dear Holley - A Letter To Myself

Dear Holley,
Keep this document near and dear to your heart. Refer to it as often as necessary to accommodate your dreams, goals, aspirations, and the forever passion of being a life-long learner. I wrote the following note the day I returned to college in 2011. I have grown, matured, and lived a happy, fulfilled life since then.



Breaking Free!

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Dated: February 5, 2011
I started my first online class at Devry University obtaining my Bachelor’s of Science in Technical Management with a concentration in Technical Writing. Then I plan to attend Keller Graduate School for my Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration on e-commerce.

I have volunteered with many non-profit organizations that help children, promote positive parenting skills, prevent domestic violence, and other organizations that cater to those who have Autism/Asperger’s in my home state of Virginia. I am looking for the same opportunity here in Lincoln; I pride myself on being good at networking and making connections that will benefit all parties involved. I am a lover, a writer, a creative person (in training) and have a severe case of Type A Personality. I am a horrible cook, a good friend, an intelligent female who will one day own a small business providing Internet Marketing for nonprofit organizations and small businesses. My services will include designing websites, newsletters, flyers, brochures, booklets, internet exposure, videos, and social media setup. I am a person who struggles every day to get out of bed due to life circumstances. I used to be defined by my isolated life but now, I AM BREAKING FREE!!

A Note From Holley

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I wrote that document as a way to encourage myself never to stop when faced with defeat. I needed to find myself again. I needed to find that person that had self-respect and self-esteem. I do not know where all of those qualities disappeared to, but I was bound and determined to find her again. That person was the one who was an awesome role model for Jacob. That person had so many goals and aspirations but 19 years later…I do not know where she went. That is where my journey began; however, once moving to Lincoln, NE; I found Kaplan University right here in town, and they offered the exact degree I wanted to obtain. So I left Devry after one year and transferred to Kaplan University. I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree Business Administration majoring in Internet Marketing and New Media in December of 2013. I immediately started my Master’s Degree in Management majoring in Leadership.
I graduated with my Masters in Management majoring in Leadership in February 2016. I have spent the last year and a half searching for my next journey. I would love to say what is next…however, I have realized never to plan too much because life is full of bumps, bruises, AND pleasant surprises like my boyfriend, Tony. These past 7 and a half years have been the best of my life. A lot has changed for me, but all for the good. I have a young adult male who is entering his Senior year of high school, and as we search for where he will attend college, he is impressed and proud of my accomplishments.
That is 100% the best feeling I have when looking back at my educational pursuits. In the back of my head, I always wanted him to be able to be as proud of me as I am him. That goal was accomplished by being the role model I have been for him. He realizes no matter how much life throws at you…there is a way out. Jacob and I found that way out together and ended up 1500 miles from home…yet happier than we have ever been in our lives.

Come Join My Journey!
My Personal Mission Statement

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Service learning is both science and art. It is both sides of the brain working together to foster creative ideas. Service learning involves cultivating the innocent, responsive minds of children who are our future so that they become honest, productive, responsible adults. There are essential values that must be upheld to be a mentor to a child. These values are the backbone of my soul, mind, and body. It is an integrated part of my being of which I strive to implement such values into the minds of others

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