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Newest & First Paintings on Website
I love creating abstract art. It is tied with quote pictures for my favorite. I guess that is why I have so much abstract and quote art for sale. Don’t forget that 50% of my proceeds are donated to the charity of the buyer’s choice. Please use my Contact Me page to send me an email with your information as I am not privy to the buyer’s information on one of my sites.
Brighter Collection
I love color. No, I mean, I really love color in all areas of my life. My art is very colorful and bright. My tattoos are colorful and very artistic. I can “feel” the colors as I listen to different music. I love all kinds of music and it directly affects my art. What is your creative style? Start a forum post about different art or other creative adventures.


Happy Valentine’s Day
I love making videos for holidays. Valentine’s Day is such a great time for so many people and I enjoy coming up with new and different romantic ways of celebrating the day. See some more Valentine’s Day Donation Art, buy one for that special someone and donate to a worthy cause at the same time,


Happy Veteran’s Day
I always take the time to thank those who serve our country to keep my family and friends safe and free. They do a job like no other and deserve our praise whenever we see them in public. You will always hear me say “Thank You” to someone I see in uniform on the street. Everyone should. Don’t you agree?




April Is Autism Awareness Month 2012
April is Autism Awareness Mont and we always try and do something to raise awareness during this month. We do our best to raise awareness all year round, but April is especially important. Please donate the Autism charity of your choice and help find treatments for the millions of children afflicted with this disorder.
Stop Domestic Violence – October 2014
Video with quotes and pictures of beautiful women who deserves the best from a man. Quotes are about surviving domestic violence.

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