My Overall Personal Style

My overall personal style is upfront and honest. I do not pretend to be someone I am not. I am nor do I expect others to “beef” their personal styles to suit me. I think that we all can benefit from having an eclectic group of characters that add to any company or environment. I value development of my intellectual awareness and the opportunity to learn, improve, and grow. I do appreciate the positive feedback. With my creative mind, I bring forward thinking and originality to processes and projects. I am interested in seeing possibilities beyond what is known

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Logical Inconsistencies

I am keen to pick out logical inconsistencies and like to develop models for improving the way to solve difficult problems. I can be viewed as critical, precise, or skeptical. I am constantly absorbed in analyzing problems or situations. I am serious, conscientious, and loyal as well as a dedicated worker.

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Every Project I Face

Every project presents itself as a mental challenge and I reflect on every stage of decision making. All of my well-classified thoughts, ideas, and plans, no matter how final they appear, are subject to modifications whenever new information arises. Using past experiences to help me solve current problems and get things done is one of my strong points. I make decisions after a great deal of thought.

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What Do I Bring To A Team?

I ensure that the team uses the correct measures and carefully assesses situations before acting.  I help set high-quality standards for the team and adapt in performing my role and responsibilities. I tend to provide the team numeracy, literacy, or technical structure. I commit to realistic goals and direct the team’s efforts toward important issues. I do challenge existing methods if I feel that there is a better way to complete a task. I ensure that there is a common-sense and practical approach to ensure objective decision-making.

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