Entrepreneurial Personality Assessment

It takes a certain amount of traits to succeed in an entrepreneurial position. We are go-getters, driven to succeed and make things happen. I am confident and have a “can-do-it” mentality. I am conscientious and diligent, on top of tasks, and have both self-confidence and a knack for working with others. My profile fits that of an entrepreneur and that I will continue to succeed with hard work. 

I have the business savvy to help others, my family, and myself. Do you?

The success rate of start-ups is related to the ability of those able to survive and thrive during times of actual challenge. Business owners usually spend hours of playing key roles and ways to make money by doing what we love.

My Go-Getter Score

My go-getter score is 82 out of 100. This score indicates that I am there when needed. I am a driven person, always looking for business opportunities.

Self-confidence also shows a go-getter mentality that tackles “success” yet again. I am very confident in my abilities to make complex decisions, take calculated risks, and deal with the ever-changing and sometimes uncertain business world. Having a people-person orientation soothes the uneasy feelings of something new. I can create relationships over time that benefit all parties involved.

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