Learning Input Assessment

The Learner Theme

Learner Theme

I love the process of learning. I enjoy a discussion with others. I thrive on dynamic work environments. I also learn quickly and become a master in a short amount of time. Complex situations and seeking roles that require technical competence are a few of my favorite. I love being with other learners and share ideas with people who have similar interests and values as me.

Y ou can help me by allowing me to track my SMART goals and seek adult learning experiences. I also need to be given ever changing roles to maintain my competence while motivating me with the facts and knowledge that you have gained. Finally, celebrate milestones with me.
The Belief Theme

Belief Theme

My natural inclination is to be extremely family oriented, ethical and spiritual. My core beliefs are most valuable to me and I possess enduring core values that I live by. I am dependable and easy to trust. I thrive in relationships and work with people that share my beliefs so that I will be better understood.

A llow me to share my beliefs with others and volunteer my time to good causes. Know that I accept people whose values are different than from mine. Please give me clear examples of the company's values so that we can make sure we are a good fit. Allow me to take the lead role in fundraising events or charities that the company may participate in while allowing me to partner with other people to discover their beliefs and values that may lead to the organization's change for the better.
The Input Theme

Input Theme

My inclination of the Input Theme is my ability to be natural inquisitive. I get excited by the complexity and infinite nature of the world. I enjoy traveling and collecting many things. I also enjoy filing away different forms of information.

I am best where information is shared and like to work in roles where I receive new information daily. I need to read books, articles, and websites to stimulate growth and thought. Connect me to areas of work that require intense focus or discipline to stay on track. Give me input and encourage my diligence in looking for opportunities to improve my intelligence. Allow me to store, input, organize information in more effective ways that I may discover on my own. My ability to always looking for new and better ways of doing things needs to be nurtured and seen as an asset and not a detriment to the company or anyone else working there. I encourage others to do the same.

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