Personality Profile

Personality Profile

Big Five Personality Model: The Diplomat

According to the Big Five Personality Model, I am a Diplomat. This style of personality contends that I am a very friendly person who is easy to get along with. I possess fairly good self-control and generally can keep a cool head during a conflict. I am a progressive thinker and very optimistic while always looking for the best in people. I have an uncanny ability to connect with others, no matter how different others views or backgrounds while managing to leave a lasting impression on others. I enjoy being around people and learning about different cultures and others views and opinions on many different topics. I am known for “picking people’s brains” especially if they possess skills and attributes that I wish to explore personally. I use my personality traits to engage in conversation with others because I respect others opinions and takes on life’s journey. What would like to share? Let me know in the comment section below.
Emotional Stability

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Emotional Stability (70)  Emotional Stability is an assessment of one’s overall emotional health and the ability to withstand stress. I scored a 70 on this assessment. My emotional stability score is relatively high meaning that, for the most part, I do not let my emotions get the best of me. I allow myself time to calm down and take a step back from emotionally charged situations. I do regain perspective and then deal with the circumstances in a more objective manner. I was not always like this. I was an emotional person and did, at times, allow those emotions to dictate how I reacted. Only through self-assessments, my life experience, and my education allow me to focus more on the circumstance rather than the person. By focusing on the event, I can remove the emotion that is attached to the situation. I do use many self-taught and suggested tactics to control my emotions.



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Openness (92)  Open-mindedness measures the extent to which people seek out new experiences and are receptive to different views and people. I scored very high on the open-mindedness assessment. The score does not surprise me. My motto is that “Transparency is a Must!”. I use it on all of my websites and social media sites. I am very flexible, have a broad set of interests, and enjoy indulging my imagination. I am liberal and adventurous as well as creative and free-spirited. I am very comfortable around people who are different than me but am not afraid to stand alone in a crowd. I do not maintain the status quo and am always looking for new things to learn, new things to try, and new adventures. I attribute my open-mindedness to my online educational experience. I have met some great people from all over this country and the world. Online education is very extensive and intensive. Being an online student allowed me the fortune of learning about people and places that I never would imagine I would meet or go. I had many trepidations about my digital artwork. I took a long time to feel comfortable enough to share my work with others, thinking I would only be ridiculed. Instead, I have found an audience and a group of great artists who encourage and help me whenever possible. More importantly, my art has left me with a sense that I can do anything that I set my mind to and that not all teaching comes from a classroom.



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Extroversion (72)  Extroversion refers to whether someone prefers interacting with others or enjoys spending time on their own. My score indicates a high degree of extroversion. I do enjoy being around others, if only, to share and learn from others about their differences and mine. Being around others stimulates me and I enjoy bouncing ideas off of people. I am content to spend time alone (and sometimes need this) and/or work on individual tasks for limited amounts of time. I am very much a team player. I enjoy the whole atmosphere of teamwork and have witnessed major transformations by being a part of a team. I also enjoy being around others in social settings too. This allows me the freedom to learn about other’s cultures and ways in which they view and act in the world.




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Conscientiousness (92)  Conscientiousness measures how organized, reliable and rule-abiding a person is. I scored very high in this attribute. I a purposeful, industrious person who believes in the value of hard work. I strive to accomplish more  and meet even the toughest work demands and do not shy away from big workloads or responsibility. I am motivated, dedicated, and dutiful. I am focused on my SMART goals, even when the desire to give up is strong and see tasks through to completion. I am committed to whatever I set out to accomplish. I am not the kind of person who shy’s aware from the big goals. The higher I set the bar for myself, the better I do. I put this positive energy into making goals for myself that are of high-value and that will help others. Another one of my motto’s is “Only a Life for Others is a Life Worthwhile”. I practice this motto in my everyday life and all my interactions with other people. I am diligent in my work, whether that be educational, professional, or personal. I pride myself on making a difference in the lives of others.

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Agreeableness (91)  Agreeableness refers to how likeable, approachable, and cooperative a person is. My score is very high for agreeableness in that I am a diplomat. I interact with others in a tactful and respectful manner at all times. I am not an insensitive person. I make it a point of being conscious of my words and actions when talking and dealing with others. I am skilled with sensitive subjects that require a delicate approach. I am easy to get along with and would “give you the shirt off of my back”. I was not always so agreeable and think that age and life experience is the main reasons that I am more agreeable than when I was younger. I think we all grow into ourselves as we search for the life we deem “ours”. In my “life’s search”, I have realized that not only being there when someone is down and out, but also there to coach and encourage them, is a necessary part of living peacefully and happily in this world.

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